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Quality Services

We’re 100% committed to providing telecom, industrial, and utility businesses with the diverse range of services needed to finish a project safely and efficiently. From smaller tasks like digging post holes to larger projects like hydro excavation, directional drilling, industrial cleaning, core drilling, dredging, and dewatering, you’ll feel at ease no matter what assignment you need us for.

Underground Utility Solutions

Watermain breaks, fibre-optic installations, and development projects happen all the time. With underground work, there’s no room for error when sourcing a utility location. Our fully-trained team uses soft-digging techniques like directional boring, vacuum excavation, potholing and more, and if necessary, we’ll bring in a remote-hose in order to complete a task. With every trenching job, we practice proper safety procedures like using necessary lighting and security methods while always finding innovative ways to remain proactive on a job site.

Industrial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean work site is important for the safety and efficiency of your staff. Our responsible industrial cleaning procedures extract, remove, clean and maintain manufacturing plants using methods and resources like sucker trucks, water blasting, and hot wash cleaning. All while saving you money!

Industrial Cleaning offered by Brass Inc.

Dredging & Dewatering

Similar to agricultural drainage and irrigation, we use leading technology to dewater the pond or lagoon, followed by the dredging of harmful materials like sludge or debris. The environment is important to us, and our goal is to help restore our ponds and lagoons to their original state. This allows us to fully enjoy the ponds and lagoons within our communities.

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